Flying plastic bottles, picoturbines, my top7 innovations in Pollutec

Here’s my top 7 technologies and innovations I have seen these 3 last days at Pollutec fair:

-the Sigrenea smart wireless sensors network to create the big data you need when you are a smart city willing to really manage the collection of waste. Now it can cost less than 5€/month/spot to know how full your collectors are, and give a planned itinerary to your trucks. Now avalaible for industrial complex quality waste management, airport waste

-the PellencST optical technology for sorting waste : these people integrate vision technologies to sort by material/color and eject the selected item by air pressure jet : They make waste fly. Beautiful to see :


-the Agru Concrete protection plate, that you can fix by induction on plots, to built water tanks or to repair pipelines.


-The ACO Stormbrixx structure to build under pavement water tanks Imagine 300M3 reservoir in 1 single truck.


-the Kate pipe reparing robots to fight against water spillage without breaking the road


– The Save innovations pico-turbine, 1m/s of water flow to get 20 to 150W, all you need to power your sensors. . Not on the market yet !


– the Bringback batterie sorting system, that tests your old lead batterie and tells you if it should go to recycling or to regenerating, by sending the battery into the right flow. Simple and awesome.